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Tunes for making your project special!

My name is Jeroen van den Hurck, and I’m making tunes/leaders for all kind of purposes. Music for theater, background music for video’s, title tunes / leaders or cinematic tunes.

Besides making tunes, I’m a guitarist and guitar teacher. I also own a studio for my work as producer. When I’m not playing the guitar, I play bass, drums or keys. Just because I love to make music!



Ok, this English website isn’t updated for a long time. That means, I was busy with other things than keep posting here ;). For recent updates please visit my Dutch…

New tune: Metropolis C (Hagstrom Special)

This tune is specially made for Hagstrom’s Metropolis C guitar. All guitars are recorded with the Metropolis C. Listen below: Tune produced @ JeroenvdHurck Studio Guitars: Hagstrom Metropolis C Bass:…

A new tune (used in a MMA promo vid!)

A new tune is added to my AudioJungle portfolio! Epic Cinematic Trailer I This is a promo video of a MMA fight club with this tune! The other tracks are…

New tune: Rock Trailer Intro II

A new tune has been added to AudioJungle! This one feels like the uptempo songs of the Foo Fighters. Tight drums, with massive guitar and bass sound! For more style…

New Tune: Sixties Instrumental

Love the sound of the 60’s? This tune will bring you right into that time! With a glimpse to The Beatles / The Ventures sound! For more style tunes please…

New Tune: Voodoo Kind

A tune with a glimpse to the 70’s guitar blues/rock. Jimi Hendrix style! For more style tunes please see my profile! Listen to Voodoo Kind here!

New Tune: You Too Sunday

A tune with a glimpse to the 80’s of U2. For more style tunes please see my profile! Listen to You Too Sunday here!

New Tune: Cinematic Rock Trailer II

In the series of cinematic tunes, I added a new one to AudioJungle! Listen to Cinematic Rock Trailer II here!

Coming up: Tunes in style of….

for example Jimi Hendrix, U2, Ry Cooder, Dick Dale…. And more to come! Any suggestions/requests?

New Tune: Cinematic Rock Trailer

The first item of a series of cinematic tunes is added to AudioJungle. Listen to Cinematic Rock Trailer here!