About Jeroen

Tunes for making your project special!

Besides teaching and playing as a musician, I own a studio for productions. Things I make; Backingtracks (for students), Leaders/tunes for commercial purposes or Music for websites or games. Whenever you want me to write your music, or music is already been written, I’ll make it to a fabulous final product so it will fit into your project!

Here you can listen to my work.

As musician I write songs, often instrumentals. They are like a diary for me, or as gift for friends and family.
On the other hand, I produce leaders/tunes for commercial purposes.

My own music derives from pleasure in making music! Or often as a result of a study for playing the drums, bass guitar or keys. For me it is making music without making a compromise. Everything is possible in my “one-man-band” and everything you hear is played by me, that’s the only condition I work with… The style of music variates from Rock to Drum&Bass and from Hip-Hop to Movie Soundtrack. A few of my compositions can be listened here.

At the age of 12 I started playing the guitar and making music…
…Then I get graduated at the Rock Academy in Tilburg, the Netherlands. At the moment I’m a guitar teacher, band coach and I own a studio for some productional work.

I’ve played in many bands, at the moment 2 main bands.
Besides my bands the Reservoir Dogs Band and the Bazookas XL, I’m also active as an substitute guitarist.

When the occasion occur I’m playing basically with all kinds of bands and musicians!

Special moments:

– With former band the Loungeroom Lizards we played at the NAK festival in Burkina Faso (Africa).
– With the Reservoir Dogs Band we played at the official premiere of Django Unchained in the Tuschinski Theater, Amsterdam (Netherlands).

I’m a guitar teacher and however I’m doing this in my own language (Dutch), I’m capable of doing it in English too 😉

I’m licensed by the Rock Academy, Tilburg (Netherlands) as preparatory trainer for this school of music. So feel free to contact me if you want to have some training or advice about your audition.